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small business nonprofit consulting servicesWhat Does the Rohan Business Group Do?

Rohan Business Group helps leaders be able to do the “work on the business” part. We partner with leaders of Nonprofit and Service Businesses to help them get what they want.

We provide third-party expert facilitation services for NonProfit and Service Business clients so they can:

  • Increase employee and stakeholder commitment.
  • Uncover hidden, overlooked or really tough obstacles that are blocking progress and success.
  • Free up time to focus on their most important priorities–better service delivery, the core mission, profitability, retention of valued employees.
  • Develop a strong Executive Director Succession Plan.
  • Move forward from where they are now to where they want to be.

Hello. I am Mike Rohan, President and Founder of Rohan Business Group.

We specialize in helping:

  • Leaders of NonProfit Organizations
  • Service Business owners and Leaders who provide services for their clients.

We know what works in facilitating organizational discovery and dialogue to solve persistent problems. We also know how to engage employees/teams/stakeholders to act on priorities.

What is Our Mission?

To help nonprofit and service business leaders build strong, valued and sustainable services for their current and future clients. nonproft business improvement

What Makes Us Different?

NonProfits and Service Businesses? We’ve “been there”. I know these organizations, real challenges and the common issues that can get in the way of leaders, employees and Boards of Directors. I helped many Nonprofit clients, large Corporations, small businesses and many clients who delivered “services and products” to their clients. I learned some valuable lessons along the way… including:

  • Unnoticed (or overlooked) issues or perceptions remain unaddressed and are major obstacles in most organizations.
  • Planing does not have to be a drudge or a waste of your time…but open discussion reduces toxic stresses and frustrations.
  • “Mission Creep” and “Wearing Multiple Hats” wears out the most talented employees and reduces volunteer commitment.
  • Accountability is now recognized as a high-impact tool crucial to achieving organization success.

Expert Facilitation

Facilitation can help business leaders and managers “bridge the gap” between “where they are NOW” and “where they WANT TO BE”. Over time and multiple projects, Rohan Business Group developed an efficient, effective facilitation process that works. Our clients tell us our facilitation process provided:

  • increase personal understanding to issues
  • built new teamwork and trust
  • generated new energy and commitments from employees/Board members

Belief in the Power & Results of Well-Designed Facilitations and Consulting. Our clients tell us they gained momentum, took the needed steps and changes their work identified during our facilitation . They find new energy and commitment to work together towards purposeful goals.

About Mike Rohan

Mike Rohan is the firm’s facilitator and consultant for Nonprofit and Service Business clients. He has more than three decades of experience in roles in management, marketing, consulting and coaching. He served clients in corporations, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

  • Mike was fortunate to experience the responsibility of diverse roles and learn during his career including:
  • Management of staff members, teams, and contractors to deliver award-winning communications and marketing programs for Fortune 500 firms including
  • Monsanto and General Electric
  • Direction of programs & Project Managment to grow branded and unbranded products in industries that included:
  • energy
  • manufacturing
  • food

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nonprofit consulting servicesContract Management of three domestic Checkoff contracts for the American Soybean Association serving the United Soybean Board Checkoff Program

Client Service in serving growers in the National Corn Growers Association in management roles (Operations, Business Development) for ethanol, corn genome planning and strategic planning and organizational change. Facilitation and consulting to leaders of nonprofit organizations to get what they wanted:

  • training
  • revenue development
  • organizational change
  • restructuring
  • Board development
  • succession planning
  • Team-building and more.

Mike lives in Chesterfield, Missouri.

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