About Rohan Business Group

Mike Rohan, Non Profit Consultant

Mike Rohan

Who is the Rohan Business Group?

Many defense industry professionals are concerned about budget cuts and sequestration.  They are worried how these changes will personally impact them in employment, income and career.

Rohan Business Group is a career transition and employment firm.  Mike Rohan is a Job Transition Expert for Military personnel and other Defense professionals.  He  Specializes in  a process that includes:  Unique Assessment, Career Planning & Job Campaign To Find Employment.

We specialize in helping defense industry professionals that include:

• Military Personnel

• Project Managers

• PMPs (Project Management Professionals)

• Contractors and contract employees

• Business owners and CEOs of suppliers and companies that are part of the defense industry.


The firm specializes in services that include:

• Career Transition Training

• Executive Coaching


What is Our Goal?

To help professionals in the defense industry take charge of their career and employment, use our unique process and guidance for a successful job transition so they will enjoy a stable, fulfilling livelihood, lifestyle and future.

We work best with clients who are ready to:

• spend thoughtful time to do a confidential assessment,

• are ready to work to develop their own Personal Plan of Action (PPA) and

• will take action on their plan and implement steps to get the results they said they want.

What Makes Us Different?

• We have hands-on experience in working with leaders and managers in achieving their individual goals.  Over many years, we developed an efficient, effective four-step process for our clients that works–and guides clients in personal understanding of how to move forward to reach their goals.

• We find that clients succeed when they begin by discovering personal strengths and preferences.  Success happens when clients become committed–and act on–a self-directed path.  Our work with individual coaching clients is customized and confidential.

• The Rohan Business Group DASH (TM) Program process is an effective means to successful employment and career transition.  It reflect client personal wants for their future employment and career.  The DASH (TM) Program process steps are:

⁃ D= Discover

⁃ A = Analyze

⁃ S = Strategies

⁃ H = Hone

About Mike Rohan

Mike Rohan is a career transition trainer and coach.  He is President of Rohan Business Group.

Mike helps clients discover and take the steps needed to create rewarding employment & a career for themselves beyond sequestration.  His reward: satisfied clients who take charge of their career and employment so they can have a more stable, fulfilling livelihood, lifestyle and future.

Mike Rohan is President and founder of Rohan Business Group.  He has more than three decades of management, marketing and merchandising experience serving clients in corporations, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Mike managed staff members, teams, and contractors to plan and produce award-winning communications and marketing programs for Fortune 500 firms including Monsanto and General Electric. He also directed programs and managed contracts to grow branded and unbranded products in industries that include energy, manufacturing and food. Mike led domestic contract management for the American Soybean Association and United Soybean Board Checkoff Program. Mike served the National Corn Growers Association with management roles in Operations, Business Development, ethanol business, corn genome planning and strategic planning.

Mike is a native of St. Louis, Missouri.  He graduated from the University of Missouri (Columbia) with a Bachelor of Journalism degree.  Mike flew combat missions as a U.S Air Force tactical fighter pilot in Vietnam and Korea and trained other pilots as a pilot instructor in Texas before beginning his business career.

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