Good Advice for Defense Industry Professionals Worried about Sequestration/Budget Cuts

Although today’s front page news is about ending the “Government Shutdown” and avoiding a default…many defense industry professionals are personally worried more about the impact of Federal sequestration and budget cuts. Reduced or eliminated programs, personnel reductions, contract work halted …all happening now or forecast actions as the FY14 reduced budget begins. Sequestration’s affect on jobs and careers is a major problem–especially for those in the defense industry.

I came across an article that has some good advice for professionals in their search for new employment. The  October 1, 2013 issue of The NonProfit Times published good insights from hiring managers and executive search Directors for those in a search, regardless of their industry.

The article title: “Preparation Remains Key To Landing Job in Competitive Market”.

Key advice from hiring managers and prospective employers:

• Red flags for candidates include: 1) always include a cover letter with resume; 2) always send a followup thank you; 3) always check and recheck resume: no typos

• Worst and most common problem noted:  candidate inability to communicate–in either written or spoken form

• Hiring Managers pay attention to stand out candidates because they: 1) have experience but still attend professional development courses/trainings/seminars; 2) interact with community organizations to learn leadership skills and build relationships.  Good advice.

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