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Coming on August 25, 2016: (WATCH here for Presentation topic and details)

Brentwood Chamber of Commerce Monthly Luncheon – on August 25, 2016


Previous Presentations:

Venture Café – Presented A Workshop for Nonprofits & Innovation/StartUp Community on November 19, 2015 

Venture Cafe Workshop:  How to Strengthen Our Nonprofits: Sharing Best Ideas from the Innovation/Startup Community | Rohan Business Group

Mike Rohan, President of Rohan Business Group, presented an outlook of the challenges ahead for nonprofits and facilitated a workshop at Venture Cafe. Participants at the Venture Café Gathering (James Crutchfield Room) came up with new ideas, advice and collaboration to help nonprofit Boards and other leaders attract consistent financial support and enhance their nonprofit reach and results.


The Venture Cafe Weekly Gathering is free to all attendees. Come and particulate in high-energy collaborations, connections and learning.

The Venture Cafe Gathering
Every Thursday | 3:00pm-8:00pm
4240 Duncan Ave | 2nd Floor | St. Louis, MO 63110

Chesterfield Rotary – Presented Nov 16, 2015 at Edgewild Restaurant & Winery

“Roller Coaster:  the Challenges Ahead for Nonprofits in the St. Louis Region”–Changes: Donor Relationships, Funding and Expectations PLUS new needs for the St. Louis Region.  What you (and others) can do to help nonprofits get “off the Roller Coaster”.

Schedule A Presentation for Your Staff, 

Board members and other Stakeholders

Mike Rohan, President of Rohan Business Group, speaks on topics and issues related to nonprofits.

We support great nonprofit organizations who create and deliver valuable, quality services to their clients…and their communities.

Nonprofit leaders and their teams know that consistent performance and remaining focused on the Mission is vital to sustain and grow their organization.

Mike’s presentations bring experience, insights, relevant examples and tips that are useful for nonprofits, their supporters and their communities.  Mike Rohan shares the experience gained during his business, consulting and coaching career.  He successfully served hundreds of clients, Boards of Directors, sales forces, decision-makers and other industries.

 Speech Topics:

  • “Roller Coaster: Five Challenges Ahead for Nonprofits in the St. Louis Region”
  • “Five Changes Ahead for Nonprofits in 2016” (Get Your Copy of the Special Report from the Website)
  • “Getting to YES from All Stakeholders: Staff…Board members..Supporters…Donors and Volunteers”
  • “Got Elephants in the Conference Room?  Resolving Big Threats to Business Success”



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