Sequestration Cuts….”Who” and “What” are in the Spotlight Now?

Yesterday I came across an interesting post from the Congressional Quarterly (CQ Weekly) September 28, 2013 posting. Right now, sequestration cuts are a growing concern for many in the defense industry. The CQ article:  “Smaller, but Smarter: The Military’s Chance to Remake Itself. Decisions”.  Here are some clues as to “who” and “what” are likely targets as the sequestration progresses…





If you are looking for some current thinking as where the big cuts in FY2014 are being considered in the Pentagon, read on…

A few key points made by the CQ article:

• Tough decisions:  Military leaders are concerned about maintaing readiness, preserving force structure and modernization. One of the most likely ways to get the budget met is to find significant savings and efficiencies in current operations. But that’s struggle:  what exactly can be cut with least negative impacts?

• Contractors:  Contractors (in particular) may be in for some rough times ahead.  Gordon Adams, a defense budget expert with the Stimson Center weighed in.  He pointed out that while there are roughly 1.3 million uniformed personnel in the active military, there are more than 1.5 million civilians and contractors working for the Pentagon.  Adams said, “There is something wrong with that.”

• U.S. Army:  Regardless of how the Pentagon decides how to cut its budget, “the Army is almost certain to take the biggest hit.”

• Civil Servants:  The Pentagon usually loses about 12 percent of its civil servants each year (retirements, departures or terminations)–totaling between 70,000 and 90,000 people.

This article is lengthy, but definitely worth a read.

Read full article link at:

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