Temporary Work Complicating the Military-to-Civilian Job Transition

Another employment trend complicates the Military-to-Civilian job transition:  temporary work.

Employers in the civilian world are finding temporary assignments may just be all they have to offer.  Finding full-time work is still a major challenge.  Demand for temporary workers is growing.  We’ve already seen the trend towards more contract (not full-time) employment.

Sequestration-driven budget cuts are impacting the defense industry.  This means military personnel that are being downsized.  They are forced to exit a career sooner-than-planned.  They will face another challenge as they move from military-to-civilian employment.

Temporary employment or under-employment is not what military personnel want to hear now.  They want to use their skills, interest and experience to identify, bring value and get hired by employers who offer a good job with stable income and a real future.

Read the full NBC story at: http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/in-plain-sight/many-americans-temp-work-becomes-permanent-way-life-n81071   

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