Tip: Timely Source of Information and Impact of Sequestration & Budget Cuts


It’s pretty confusing time out there right now.

Federal sequestration and budget cuts are impacting the defense industry, military, federal employees and contractors. But how? And how much?

The federal sequester and budget mandates $37 billion in defense spending cuts–with more hits scheduled over the next 10 years. These changes have immediate, across-the-board impacts to both defense and domestic spending.

Executives, program managers and contractors doing business for or in the US defense industry are struggling to sort out the “what, ifs and when’s”.

So here’s a tip. If you need quick, useful information about the impact of sequestration and cuts on the defense industry…just click here: Stars and Stripes.  And you can check out more information on the e-edition of Starts and Stripes website www.stripes.com

(A long, long time ago, I read the Stars and Stripes while based in Vietnam). Before the internet, it was our long-distance news source. The Stars and Stripes paper was factual, reader-focused and the photographs showed us what was going on in back in “the world”.  It was a pretty good, useful news source then–and still is today.



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