US Government Shutdown Will Be Tough on Federal Employees and Contractors, too.

After last night’s US government shutdown became a reality, it’s becoming clear that this adverse impact of “NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS” means more bad news for those already experiencing the negatives from the Federal Sequestration and budget cuts.

Why more bad news?  Delays. Work slowed or halted completely.  No decisions on programs or development work for defense contractors big and small.  And that means negative  impacts regarding jobs, income and careers for many employees and contractors who are vital partners in the US defense industry.

The Columbia County News-Times (Georgia) reported “(The)DOD should be worried, because the defense budget accounts for less than 20 percent of the federal budget but is taking 50 percent of the sequestration cuts”.

What’s the best advice we can give for those who expect they may be losing their job or now have less income coming in due to cutbacks?  Don’t just wait and watch.  Get going now.  Create your own plan to reduce expenses, identify other financial sources and take action. (Get started with a Free Employment & Career Checklist for Defense Industry Professionals found at ).

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