What Barriers do You Face in Your military-to-civilian job Transition?

Are you transitioning from military-to-civilian employment?

What barriers do you find in getting hired in a civilian job?








You can weigh in by taking a Barriers to Civilian Employment Survey in confidence–and then get the results in “Best Practices” when the survey is completed in November.

Scott Koscielniak, SPHR is doing graduate research project. Scott is a member of the LinkedIn Group known as “Transitioning Junior Military Officers”.  It is a valuable source of information about challenges in transitioning fto a civilian private sector job.

Scott wants to identify barriers that veterans face as they seek civilian workforce employment.  He then wants to develop best practices to help military personnel in this change.

First step–Go to Linked in and find the How to Join a Groups help page:  http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/186

Find and join the LinkedIn group “Transitioning Junior Military Officers”

Second step–Take a few minutes and complete Scott’s survey.

(If you are an enlisted military serviceman or woman–check out another LinkedIn Group titled:  “Enlisted Veterans of the US Military” for job search advice and support)

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