What’s Ahead for the US Defense Industry Now? Protecting Your Career, Job and Income







Sequestration is off the front pages for now…

That’s because the January omnibus spending bill from Congress provided budget relief of $20 billion for the Pentagon.  But this budget adjustment from earlier sequestration cuts has been described by many as “simply a Band-Aid”.

The outlook for 2014-2015 is more uncertainty for the defense industry. Decisions are now being made to cut more programs, reduce costs and consolidate services and programs.  Unfortunately, these cuts and reductions will mean job and career changes.  Who will be impacted?   Contractors, military personnel, companies and others who serve the industry.

The continuing turbulent period for defense is expected to continue through 2014 and another 6 years because of US budget troubles.  Multi-year planning and far-reaching decisions in defense are now being made that will no doubt impact R&D, new initiatives and other long-held programs.

Smart professionals will start now to ready themselves for job/career change.   They know its time to manage their own career, job and income because of this continued work uncertainty.

To help, we are offering a timely Webinar: “What’s Ahead for the US Defense Industry Now?  3 Tips for Protecting Your Career, Job and Income”

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