Get the most from Your Board or Staff Retreat

Does your organization provide great nonprofit services?

Nonprofit and Business Service training

…Or do you lead a business that provides services to others?

nonprofit facilitation








SUCCESSFUL nonprofit and services business leaders know they must consistently deliver valued services to their served clients.

You work hard to provide Valued Services to Clients…but are you frustrated?  Not getting the results you really want?

Are there roadblocks in the way?…Does it seem something is blocking progress and growth for your organization?

You lead your organization with expertise and knowledge and plenty of hard work.

Are you:

  • Uncertain about the steps you need to take to get you what you want?
  • Wondering how to get employees or Board members to bring new ideas, new energy and fully participate?
  • Frustrated and wondering how to address: capacity-building, cross-sector alliances, financial stability and other challenges?

Rohan Business Group has helped multiple clients successfully discuss and engage their employees or Board members to reach good decisions and commit to take action.

Our commitment:  to help you get what you want out of an important organizational meeting.   Make good use of the time and energy invested in your next key meeting.

Contact us to apply for a confidential conversation about your next important meeting.

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